SL Writing Assignments – Tip

I wanted to take a moment today, to point out something about the writing assignments in SL LA. Even though there is a writing assignment for each week, SL recognizes that not every child will do every assignment. Yes, there are 36 assignments; one for each week. Those are there for certain children who will, successfully, be able to do them without huge struggles. But, many children might very well struggle to the point of being frustrated or acquiring a real hatred of writing. That’s not the goal.

Please read the document titled: “Recommendations for Teaching Writing”, which can be found in the downloads section of your account, or Appendix 2 of Section Four in your Instructor’s Guide.

If you have a child, or children — like I do — that are struggling writers (or normal for their age writers 😉), the first 2 sections of the document (Allow Students to Write at Their Own Pace, and The Writing Process) will be very reassuring and freeing for you!

In My State, We Only Have to…

For those saying, we only have to _____ or it’s easy, we just have to _____, if you have to do anything at all, frankly, that’s a load of overreaching bologna.

I do not mean this snarkily, but why is: ‘only’ having to ‘file an intent’ so happily touted as no big deal or as a good state? Sure, I get it, it could be worse but, wow, why should any parent have to give notice to anyone, of their intent on anything, they decide to do with their child? Would we say ‘oh, we only have to’, if we needed to submit our intent of creating our own menus (I mean we dont have dietician degrees, afterall)?

I just find that so odd that it’s considered to be an easy or good state, since that is ‘all that must be done’. A *good* state does not require folks to register their kids, require folks give notice of what they plan to do with their kids (if you have to give notice then to me, the state owns your kids to begin with – or so they think), require folks to report test results of their kids, require days or hours be tracked and/or reported, et all. That is nefarious! 🤷‍♀️

Christ in the Homeschool

I’ve been asked the question: How do you put Christ in your homeschool? Do you do lesson plans to include Him?

For my family, we do not simply tack-on reading the Bible, or a Bible story book or devotional, and call their education a Christian one. It goes way, far beyond that — though we do use the Bible and a devotional or apologetic selection almost daily.

I am very intentional about making sure that my kids read widely, and that we discuss. A lot of doctrine is talked about and through while discussing our history, literature, or science readings, as well as some of our poetry selections and current events. We are constantly talking about politics, current events, literature, and our culture.

Not only do I make sure my kids read a wide variety of quality books, I also read aloud to my kids, every. single. day, and we discuss, discuss, discuss.

If I was more ‘hands off’, and strongly pushed the self-education as priority, for my children, their worldview would most likely not be shaped quite as I wish it to be. In other words, I do not just hand my kids their books and blindly trust/hope that they will learn what I want learned, the way I want it learned, with the worldview I want it sifted through. I did this exact method with my older children, and like everything else in life, you learn by experience.

It does take an exorbitant amount of my time but, I feel it’s been an investment very well made. Of course, they do work independently each day on some assignments, such as math, some writing, and other various skills, but, the heart of our learning, is not in reading a text and answering questions— it is, rather, reading, discussing the content as well as what scriptures say relating to that content. We are a family and therefore, do a lot of learning and dialogue as a family.

To Write In or Not to Write in…

I used to be paranoid about writing in/truly ‘using’ my IG. I mean it’s so amazing, you know?

But the last couple of years I have been using it for all it’s worth. I thought to myself, why in the world did I pay for this thing, just to put it in a proverbial glass case, not to be touched? 🤷‍♀️😂

I use my IG and love it. All that work has been done for me, I paid for it…I’m gonna use it! 😉

Chickens Declare War On McDonald’s {student news report}

Recent tension in farms, following McDonalds’ mass selling of nuggets, has caused Prime Minister Drumsticks to declare war on fast foods around the world.

Hundreds of thousands of roosters are now marching to Vinita, Oklahoma, to attack its McDonald’s. With their strategic plan of overthrowing the supply routes, they will cut-off the ability of nuggets to be supplied around the nation.

The Chicken Incognito Troopers are infiltrating McDonald’s Corporate Office & Headquarters, to assassinate Ronald. A team of U.S. first responders are armed with frying pans for psychological affect against the Troopers, which allows time to (hopefully) evacuate him.

Our news team will continue to investigate this war on poultry.